WordPress vs Blogger – Which is better in 2020

So you are thinking to start a new blog or website but confused about which platform will be better for your website – WordPress or blogger? You are at right place, in this article we will clear your mind about which platform is better for you.

WordPress and blogger are one the oldest and popular blogging platforms. However, there are many differences between them, and in this article well tell you the pros and cons of both cms platforms.

WordPress vs Blogger

As I said before, both WordPress and Blogger are one of the most popular platforms on the internet but here WordPress comes at no.1 place because it been used by over 35% bloggers meaning that 35% of websites are powered by WordPress. Blogger is also powers almost 1% of websites on the internet which is close to 1 million websites. You can see the interest over time for both of cms platforms.

wordpress vs blogger

So here one thing is clear that WordPress is more popular than blogger and it has largest user base.

What is WordPress?

wordpress vs blogger

WordPress is a free open source software that is used to create websites, blogs, and eCommerce stores very easily without any knowledge of coding. You can download it for free and use it on your website. To create a website on WordPress you first need a domain and a hosting.

A domain name is the unique address of your website like www.jiorockerstamil.com and hosting is a server where your website is hosted. WordPress is very easy to use, maybe you find it difficult at the beginning but you can learn WordPress simply by doing yourself or by watching youtube tutorials.

What is Blogger?

wordpress vs blogger

Blogger is a very old blogging platform by Google. The best thing about blogger is that here you can create a blog or website for free. But in blogger you get a subdomain to start your blog for free. The url of your blog look something like this www.Myblog.blogspot.com. So as you can see here you get subdomain and with this subdomain it is not possible to rank on google. So I advise if you want to use blogger platform then go with custom domain.

WordPress Vs Blogger – Ease of use

Most of the people who wants to create website or blog are not developers so that is why they want a cms platform where no technical knowledge is required. Most people start website because they have interest in writing not in coding.


With WordPress, you can set up your website within a few minutes with only a few clicks. And also you do not need any coding or tech knowledge to create a website on WordPress. After creating a website you can apply a theme for the website. Theme is a very important part of your website which determines how the website will look. WordPress gives thousands of themes for free to use.

After that, you can install plugins for your website. Plugins are like small software in WordPress that help in optimizing the website. And now finally you can start writing articles in block editor, it is very easy to write articles or add images and videos in WordPress.


Blogger is also easy cms platform to create blog. You can create blog in few minutes in blogger with just Google account. To create a blog on blogger you need to visit first blogger.com and sign in with your Google account. Now, complete your set-up and choose any layout and now you can create articles for your blog.

Ownership – WordPress vs Blogger

Are you really the owner of your blog? This is a very important question because if you are the owner of your website then you can do anything to your website. And you do not have any fear that someone else will delete your blog. Now let’s see which is a better option in terms of ownership?


Blogger is a free and very easy to use blogging platform. But as you know Google runs the Blogger platform it means Google is the real owner of your blog. And Google has a right to delete your website or blog anytime without your permission. Even if you are using a custom domain and many spammers report your blog then Google will delete your blog. It is not a big deal because Google had been deleted many blogs before.


In WordPress you are the real owner of your website because you spend money in buying hosting and domain, and you can do anything you want to your website. It will be your choice when you want to delete your blog. Also, without your permission, your data will not be shared with any third party. So we have come to point that WordPress is much better than blogger in terms of ownership.

Conclusion – WordPress vs Blogger

There are no updates in Blogger for a very long time. That is why the future of your blog or website in Blogger depends on google as it is the service of Google. Google can delete the blogger anytime they want because they are the owner of Blogger. In the past, Google has also discontinued its popular services like Google reader and feed burner. So you don’t know what is the future of your website.

But WordPress is different than Blogger because WordPress is an open-source platform where you spend money to purchase web hosting and domain. WordPress is not run by any one person or company but there is a whole community of developers and users who manages WordPress. You are the owner of your website and also many big businesses also use WordPress so you don’t have to worry about WordPress future.

By the way both Blogging platforms are very popular and its all depends on you what is your priority meaning that either you want to create personal blog or a professional blog.

If your goal is to create website just as hobby then you should go with Blogger but you are thinking of creating professional website then you should choose WordPress.

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