Best Ways Increase Your Website Speed

Website speed is a very important factor in 2020 and Google has already said that website speed is a key ranking factor. If your website is slow then nobody wants to visit it. But what is a Great website speed?

So what is your website’s speed? It is very crucial because in today’s time nobody wants to wait. Every second delay in website speed will cause fewer visitors and conversions. According to a report of crazy egg, a 1-second delay in speed can cause 11% fewer visitors, -7% conversion, and also a decrease in users experience.

If your website loads slow than you will not get any conversions. Did you know, 47% visitors likes a website loads within 2 second and 40% people leave the site if takes more than 3 seconds in loading. So as of now you must have understood how much website speed matters in everything from Traffic to Conversion rates.

Why your Website Speed is Slow?

If you don’t know about website loading speed then you can use the Google page speed tool or Gtmatrix tool. Now there could be many reasons for slow site speed but here I will tell you some of the main reasons for slow website speed and how to fix it. One thing I suggest to not to use too many plugins if you are using shared hosting.

1. Minimize time to first byte

TTFB(Time to First Byte) is the time the user browser waits for the webserver to send the first byte. You can check your website’s TTFB on WebPageTest. Google recommends less than 200ms is Good. You can increase TTFB by choosing a fast web host and enabling caching. You can also use a CDN (Content delivery network) to increase website speed. And for the caching process, you use free plugins like W3 total cache or if you want more then you can use a premium plugin like Wp rocket. Wp rocket is the best plugin for caching and many more things.

2. Optimize your Images

Images make your article look good and you should always use them for a good user experience. Images play a very important role in website loading speed and you can’t remove them to increase speed. Although you can reduce the size of your images for good page speed. You can use the WP Smush WordPress plugin for reducing images size automatically. With the free version of WP smush, you can compress the size of 200 images at once. You should use jpg images because it loses some of the data which result in less image size. So, if you are uploading a lot of images make sure to use a jpg image format.

3. Reduce HTTP Requests

Whenever someone wants to access your website, the files like images, video, and content loads in the user’s browser and first browser have to send requests to the webserver to access these files and it is called an HTTP request. The more no. of HTTP request means more website loading speed. That is why we should try to reduce the number of HTTP requests to improve speed. If you want to reduce HTTP requests then you can minify and combine the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you are a coder then you can do it by yourself or else you can use some plugins to make this work easy for you. For basic level modification, you can also use Cloudflare, it is free, and also it gives you a free SSL certificate for 1 year.

4. Use a CDN

To make your site faster, you can also use different networks of servers with good web hosting. When your site is hosted on one server every user’s browser sends a request to the same server that causes low speed. But when you use different servers the weight-age of traffic is distributed in different servers and it results in slower loading time. For example, if your web server is hosted in Mumbai and the user is sending a request from the united states then it will a lot of time. Here comes DNS, it is a network of servers in different locations. All these servers have a copy of your website’s content.

5. Use Caching plugins

Every time a user wants to visit your website, his browser sends a request to your web server and after that, your server responds to the request and sends a response then the user can see the content of the website. Your webpage also has a header, footer, images, and video, therefore, it takes time to get the whole page in the user’s web browsers. Caching is the process of storing some copy of the website’s content in the user’s browser. There are many free and premium available for the caching process in WordPress.

Best 5 SEO Plugins in 2020

If you want to increase your website speed and plus user experience then you should use caching. And you will see improvement in your search engine ranking after making the website loading fast. Here we have made a list of the best free and premium plugins for caching.

Cache Enabler (free)
WP Rocket (premium)
W3 Total Cache (free)
Comet Cache (free + premium)
Hyper Cache (free)
WP Fastest Cache (free + premium)
WP Super Cache (free)

Plugins are very important for any website but if you use too many plugins it will decrease the loading speed of your site. Therefore only use essential plugin to make your site faster.

6. Use Light Theme

According to me, Theme and its design is also one of the main reason for slow website speed. Whenever I created a new website, I spend time finding a good theme for speed and also for User experience. To increase site speed use a simple and light speed theme. Before finalizing the theme first check what effect it will make in website loading time.

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In this article, we have given some basic knowledge about how you can increase your website speed. If you have any suggestions or question, feel free to use in comments. And if you like our work then do share it with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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