Top 5 Niche ideas to start YouTube in 2021

If you want to make money on YouTube without showing your face then you are at the right place. In this article, I will break down the top 5 Niche to earn money on YouTube, and yeah you don’t have to show your face. And I know a lot of people don’t believe me because they think in order to make money on YouTube you have to show your face but that’s not true and I can prove it. So let’s get started –

The Quiz Niche

youtube quiz niche

So the niche idea number 5 is the Quiz niche, you might have seen Quiz videos on YouTube or websites like BuzzFeed. There is a channel on YouTube called 1 million test and they are doing the exact same thing. They have 650k+ subscribers on their YouTube channel. They do videos like what kind of angle are you Or are you an angel or devil Or what’s your birth month say about you basically these little fun type Quizzes are quite famous on internet and people are curious about know different facts about themselves. There are many channels doing work on this easy niche and you can one of them. Now let’s look at this channel’s social blade statistics.

Social Blade is basically a software that gives you statistics or an estimated revenue of a channel. So according to social blade the 1 million test channel getting over million views and generating between 2.3k-20k dollars per month. And one thing I haven’t tell you that they haven’t uploaded any video since one year and yet they are still making money on automation. Now you know how easy is this niche, you don’t have to upload videos frequently, and still, you can make good money passively. There are some other channels on the Quiz niche like mister test and buzzmoy to see what type of content works here.

Luxurious lifestyle

The niche idea no. 4 is the luxurious lifestyle niche, you have also seen videos like how Cristiano Ronaldo spend his millions of dollars or like the 5 expensive things bill gates have. This type of video always brought a lot of views because people always curious to know how expensive is that thing or how their favorite celebrities spend their money on things. There is a youtube channel called Mr luxury which also creates this type of content and you won’t believe that Mr luxury channel gets over 5 million views and earn at least 4k-12k dollars per month. is another popular channel on this niche and it has over 3.3 million subscribers. channel also gets 10m+ views per month and earns 7k-30k dollars from Adsense monetization only.

The Meditation Niche

meditation niche youtube

Many people didn’t even think about this niche and anyone can earn money from here. First, tell me to have you ever heard meditation sounds on YouTube or study time sound or mind relaxing music if you have then you are not alone there are many people around the world who love to listen to this type of sound. It’s all comes in this niche and these videos get millions of millions of views. There are many channels on this niche and Michael Sealey is one of them.

He makes all these types of videos and according to social blade statistics, his channel gets over 6 million views per month. And he’s not the only one, meditation relax music another channel on the same niche with over 2.5m subscribers.

You can also create these sounds by yourself or you can hire someone on Fiverr to create music for you.

Technology niche

The Technology niche is one of the very famous on all social media platforms. You also have seen videos like top 10 gadgets that will take your home to next level or best road technologies you never know, these videos are quite famous and very addictive. Tech Zone is a youtube channel with over 2.9m subscribers and they only create these types of videos. You can create these videos easily by doing voice-over on copyright-free videos.

TechZone channel gets over 22 million views and also earns 5k-80k dollars per month. I estimate this earning is on the higher-end because the technology niche is a high CPM topic. Think about how many mobile or any technology companies are there and they spend a huge amount on advertisements.

The Animal Niche

The Animal niche

This Animal information niche is one of the easiest niche to create content on youtube. You just have to create videos about animals like the top 10 things you don’t know about dogs Or why dogs are the most loyal animals. To create videos on the animal niche you can use other people’s clips and copyright-free photos and you can use your mobile device for voice-over on videos. If you want to use copyright-free photos and videos then you can use websites like and Animal facts is an animal channel on youtube with over 170k subscribers and according to social blade statistics, this channel gets over 2 million views on youtube.

The Best thing about this niche you can grow the audience on other platforms like Instagram. And you can also become an animal niche influencer and you also know that influencers earn a great amount of money. Although AdSense is the most popular way to earn on youtube but in this, you can promote other businesses or people’s products and earn more money than Adsense. This process is called Affiliate Marketing.

In Affiliate marketing, you need to promote other people’s products, and every time someone uses your link to purchase the product, you will earn a commission. And when your channel grows people will sponsor your videos to talk about their services or product. You can earn in many ways with this niche therefore I ranked this animal niche on number one.

The one advice I want to give you that if you have started making videos on any niche then be consistent for at least 5 to 6 months. Because I know many people start a youtube channel and they upload 5-6 videos and after that they stop uploading videos. So my advice is to do hard work consistently for at least 5-6 months.

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