The Fastest Way To Make $ 1000 Per Month On Instagram

The Fastest Way To Make $ 1000 Per Month On Instagram

Imagine if you could make the time you spend on Instagram profitable. Instead of spending hours every day scrolling meaninglessly, you could make money from your Instagram account. We know this sounds tempting.

You’ve probably heard of influencers, these people with thousands of followers who live their dreams, get free merchandise from brands, eat at the best restaurants in exchange for an Instagram story, travel the world …

Many online gurus will tell you that it’s easy and that you can do it too. In truth, achieving this level of Instagram fame is a real full-time job, and most people are not willing to make the sacrifices to adopt this lifestyle.

However, what if you could make money on Instagram without doing all this work?

Of course, we’re not talking about the same income level here, but with a little effort, you can build a real empire with this strategy.

So, what is this strategy? Instagram thematic page.

What is an Instagram Themed Page?

Niche pages or topic pages are popular on Instagram. They post constantly, have very high engagement, and usually have thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of followers. You can subscribe to multiple niche pages without realizing it.

Such pages do not create their own content. They copy popular content from accounts of similar topics. These accounts represent a vast collection of popular content in a specific niche. Since these accounts repost viral content, their posts usually attract significant traffic and generate an impressive number of likes or video views.

Because they have a lot of followers and great engagement, these accounts are often targeted by brands or people trying to promote their accounts in a particular niche. These people will pay to be featured on your niche page.

To summarize the niche page business model: Niche pages sell their engagement and high traffic to brands or other accounts looking to grow in a specific niche.

The job of a niche page owner is to grow their audience and maintain a high level of engagement. The finer part of the job is maintaining a balance between regular and paid posts so that people don’t get distracted and think of the account as a spam-sending ad account.

If you create multiple pages in different niches, the income can be quite significant.

This is a popular business model as there is no investment required to get started. It doesn’t require any knowledge of content creation.

How to Create a Successful Instagram Themed Page

The first step is to find the right niche. You need to choose a niche with high growth potential. But it would be helpful if you also target a specific sub-niche so that it is not highly competitive.

This means you need to pick a niche that is popular enough and then move on to a more specific niche in that main niche. For example, photography might be your main niche, while cinematic photography or cityscapes might be your secondary niche.

As a general rule, try to stay away from niches that are too specific or seem out of competition. If you choose a topic that is too narrow, it will be difficult for you to grow your subscriber base. If you pick a niche that doesn’t seem to have competitors, it could mean that the niche is too small or there is no interest in the topic on Instagram.

Once you’ve chosen your niche, you need to come up with a name. Don’t worry about it, try to make it readable and try to make it clear, describing your niche.

As for the description, the same rules apply as for a regular account. You must explain what you will publish, for whom, and you can indicate that you accept requests via direct. This will let people know that they can advertise on your account.

How to find good content

Now that your account is set up, you need to find the best content to repost.

You can use any tool to find content in your niche. The most obvious one is to browse popular hashtags related to your niche. From there, identify content that has worked well, save the content (there are many sites and third-party apps for this) and post it to your account, remembering to mention the original creator of the photo or video.

It might be tempting to repost the content that performed best, but keep in mind that many other niche accounts do the same thing as you, so you may want to stay away from content that has been shared over and over again. for years. Try to find more recent content or content that other accounts haven’t shared often.

As for your hashtag strategy, use all 30 available. You need to rank for as many hashtags as possible. For each of them, you should try to appear at the top of the message list. The best way to do this is to measure the average user engagement.

Then, as you look at hashtags, notice the engagement of popular posts. If a post with a hashtag is popular, then you can use this hashtag for your post.

Growing Your Instagram Themed Page

Now that you know your niche and know how to find viral content, you need a strategy to grow your subscriber base quickly.

Fortunately, you will be using content that has already proven viral and attractive, so this aspect is nothing to worry about. But to imagine that there will be enough content to get tens of thousands of subscribers in a few days is wrong.

You will need to drive traffic to your page. The best way is to interact with people interested in your niche. Many niche page owners rely on bots to automatically subscribe and unsubscribe from accounts.

While we do not recommend using bots to automate the promotion of your account, using them on a niche page is not very risky. Since you are republishing content, you have nothing to lose if your account is suspended or deleted.

If you don’t like the idea of ​​using a bot to automate account promotion, you can do it manually. Take a few minutes a day to follow multiple accounts, such as their posts, and leave comments.

Interacting with other people is the best way to get started and grow your account to several thousand followers. But once your account is big enough, you can switch to another growth strategy like optimizing hashtags, partnering with other niche accounts, and more.

Some people recommend using ads to promote your niche page. While I’m sure it works, it’s not necessary and you can expand your accounts to tens of thousands of subscribers without spending a dime on ads.

Topic pages can generate anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars a month. It all depends on the niche and size of your account. While they take some time to maintain and grow, they are usually relatively easy to manage since you don’t have to spend a lot of time creating content, which is the most time-consuming part.

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