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Social Media: 6 Steps To Encourage The Sharing Of Your Content

Social networks are a great way to boost the visibility of your web content and promote your brand.

It’s not for nothing that social media is an integral part of any good content marketing strategy.

One of the Grails that any content marketer is looking to land is to get shares on these platforms. Shares that can lead to virality and success.

But how do you ensure that your content is more shared by your community (and the entire web)?

1. Create content that is worth sharing

“In order to get shares, you have to create good content”: reading this first point, you may think that this is obvious.

But what exactly is content worth sharing?

Promoting content is not enough to build buzz around it. On the contrary, if he is not up to his communication skills, you may be more disappointed than happy.

Interesting, relevant and useful for your audience: these are the key words that your articles, white papers, videos and more must follow.

2. Use images

On social media, image is king. For example, tweets containing an image receive an average of 150% more retweets.

You will understand, not including at least one image in your blog posts and other content is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Better yet, make the image the content.

An infographic, for example, combines the powers of content and images for immense sharing potential. Don’t hesitate to recycle your existing content into visuals.

3. Write captivating headlines

Which means, roughly speaking, that 6 in 10 people only rely on the title (and image) of a post to choose to share it with their friends or community. No need to say more: write engaging headlines.

Failure to get 100% of people exposed to your content to click on it will at least increase the amount of shares you receive.


The goal of your blog posts is to find solutions to your internet users’ problems. In this sense, write the titles of your articles with “Comment …”. Not only will your articles be better referenced, but you will also get more visits, and therefore more shares on social networks!

4. Use share buttons

They have not escaped you: these four big buttons on the left of your screen that invite you to share this article on:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Pinterest

Share buttons like this are part of the basics of content marketing and they absolutely must find a place on your blog or website.


Still a lot of blogs insert their share buttons at the beginning of their articles. Know that this is an error that needs to be corrected quickly!

This is because your reader will have a better chance of sharing your article if you offer it to them at the end of their reading rather than at the beginning. By inserting your share buttons at the bottom of the article, you avoid unnecessary scrolling for the reader who probably won’t even bother to scroll if the share buttons are located at the top of the article.

Our advice

Display the article’s share count next to your buttons to encourage your readers to share your content more.

5. Mention influencers

You’ve certainly heard of influencers. These web “celebrities” are massively followed and relayed, and their word is worth gold on social media.

If one of them were to share one of your content, you might as well tell you that it would gain unexpected visibility.


The best way to grab an influencer attention and invite them to share is to mention it in your content or in your social media posts (as long as the content is of high quality).

In addition, citing influential and expert people increases the credibility of your content.

In short, you have everything to gain!

6. Arouse emotion in your content

Find out in our blog post: How to use the 6 fundamental emotions for content marketing?

  • Joy
  • Sadness
  • The fear
  • The surprise
  • Anger
  • Disgust

By conveying these emotions through your content and through thoughtful words, phrases and wordings, you will see your number of shares increase effectively.


To do this, organize your content in the form of storytelling!

Now that you have the keys to encourage the sharing of your web content, you still need to ensure the basics: create quality content.

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