Best 5 SEO Plugins in 2020

Did you just started a new blog and don’t have an idea which plugin you should use or how many plugins you should install on your website. In this, I will clear all your doubts regarding the best SEO plugins in 2020.

WordPress is a most used cms in internet almost 30% of websites are powered by WordPress. And the main reason behind its success is simple for everyone and thousand of plugins available here. But many plugins can harm your website to so should not use more plugins if your website is hosted on shared hosting.

What is a Plugin?

Plugins are like software that provide some services to a WordPress website. Usually, if you want to add some functions to your WordPress and you don’t have any knowledge of coding then you use a plugin. This is how plugins make things easy for non-techie bloggers. There are thousands of free plugins for everything, available in WordPress but you should only use limited because it can increase website loading time.

How to Install Plugins in WordPress

To add a new plugin to your WordPress website first login to WordPress dashboard then go to plugin section and now click on add new plugin. After that search for plugin that you want and after install and activate it. Now you have successfully installed and activated a plugin.

WordPress SEO plugin

Till now we have covered what is plugin and how to install it and its time to head to the best 5 plugin which will optimize your WordPress for Google.

Best 5 WordPress SEO Plugins 2020

1. Rank Math

Rank Math is the most important SEO plugin for your WordPress site. It helps in on-page SEO so that your website can be optimized for Google. The main goal of this plugin is to improve your on-page SEO and fix your errors in the article and it will help to improve your search engine rankings. With rank math is very easy to optimize your article and fix mistakes errors in your article so that your article rank higher on Google. Some of the main features of rank math are given below-

1. You can edit snippets like meta title, meta description etc.
2. You add up to 5 targeted keywords in your article.
3. When you enter the targeted keyword, rank math checks and tells that you are using or not this keyword on your title, URL, and meta description and also let you know the keyword density in the entire article.
4. Rank math tells you the length of your content, description, and also URL length which is an important factor in rankings.
5. Rank math also gives suggestions about the right keyword density and internal-external links for your article.
6. It also checks the readability of your content.

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2. Akismet

Most times Akismet plugin comes pre-installed when you create a new WordPress website because it is a great plugin. If you are creating your first WordPress then you just don’t know about spammy comments. You need this plugin to manage spammy comments because every day you’ll get many spammy comments and to manage them it cost a lot of time. And instead of wasting that time, you should write another article.

That is why need the best comments managing plugin Akismet because it saves your lot of time. It checks every comment in your article therefore it’s an important plugin.

3. W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache is the best for increasing your website speed. It decreases the resources downtime to increase the website speed. And as you know website speed is a crucial ranking factor that is why if your website loads fast then it will be beneficial in search rankings. According to some reports, only a 100ms delay in website load speed and the visitor will leave the website and will go to another website. Here w3 total cache help you for free.

You should use w3 total cache plugin because it will increase the website speed and user experience also. In that way its beneficial for you and your visitors.

4. UpdraftPlus

This is also a very important plugin for your website. Updraft plus plugin used to create backups at regular basis. Suppose, your database is erased on corrupt and your website content will be deleted and your hard work is also wasted now you have to do all from the beginning that is creating backups at daily basis is important. When you take backups then you don’t have to worry about what if something happens to your website. Uperdraft is the best free WordPress backup plugin in 2020. With this plugin, you can easily take backups and save them to Google Drive, Dropbox, S3, Rackspace, FTP, email, etc.

5. Webpushr

This plugin is also helpful for every blogger but if you have new website then is is a necessary plugin for you. Let me tell you why, because when you create your website will not get more traffic and from that traffic above 80% of visitors will never coming back. Here comes the plugin webpushr which convert your visitors to subscriber with just one click. This the the best thing about webpushr that you don’t have to ask for any email or number to get subscribers.

After it will send the push notification to all subscribers automatically whenever you publish a new blog post. Push notifications are a clickable message that comes in user’s smartphone or desktop just like whatsapp or facebook notification. The best thing about push notifications that if users browser is not open still he will see the notification. These notifications are very effective, even more then SMS, email or any social media. That is why this type of notifications are used by big gaints like facebook and whatsapp and nowadays many more apps.

In this article, we have tell you about what is plugin and how you can install it plus what are the best plugins for WordPress SEO in 2020. If you like our article then do share with your friends on social media. And if you have any question or suggestion then let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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