5 Reasons You Still Aren’t Ranking on Google 2021

Hey guys, today I am going to tell you the main 5 reasons why your blog or website not getting any love from Google. But at first, I want to ask you that how long have been doing SEO.

SEO is a long and hard game and most people don’t get results easily. One of the main reasons for this is Google changes its algorithm very frequently. I also agree with that but you have to understand why it’s not working for you. So let’s understand why your blog not getting any traffic –

Reasons You Still Aren’t Ranking on Google

Ranking on Google

1. Consistency

As you know SEO is a long-run game, therefore, you can only win this game when you are consistent. I experienced it and I know most beginner just do SEO to 20 months and then they say, SEO is very hard and it is very easy to back then but not now. I can explain the role of consistency with my own example. Once I was publishing articles on daily basis but then one month I haven’t published any blog. And guess what, my traffic decreases almost -35 percent. It took me 4 months to get back that traffic. That is why consistency is a key to win the SEO game.

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2. Your Tactical are not strategic

The first thing you have to do is stop doing too many things. Stop looking for the next tip or tricks, first focus on what you are doing wrong and why it’s not working for you. And your first priority should be satisfying the user intentions that why anyone searching it and what they really want. You can use some keyword research tools like ahrefs, ubersuggest and semrush to find keywords that people really searching for. Just search for your keyword on nay of these tools and it will show all the relative keywords or keyword with the same term or phrase match keywords etc.

Find out which keyword is suitable for your blog and then doing this process with consistency makes you a winner in Google rankings. Make sure to add internal links to your blog post to make it more user friendly.

3. Your Content is too Bad

Don’t try to write content for search engines, write content for users. What is means is many people use SEO plugins like Yoast and rank math and this plugin shows a score of 100 and then people thing why my content is not ranking. Because those plugins help in optimizing content for search engines, not for users. Users should be your first priority and then rest. Because in the end, humans going to read your articles not any search engine bots.

One more thing, check your search console on a weekly or monthly basis and see which pages are not getting any traffic after doing best at your side. And now don’t again waste your time writing content about it. According to a Moz report, 20% of content that ranks on Google is audio or video-based. So, you should also add some podcasts or youtube videos to your blog posts. People love to watch or listen to content instead of reading it therefore video content is booming nowadays.

4. Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in ranking on Google. So how much backlinks do your website have? Well, that does not really matter. Most people think, the more backlink they have the more they’ll rank on Google and beat their competitor. It does not matter how much backlinks you if they’re not quality backlinks. Backlinks only helps in ranking when they are relevant to your content and also comes from high DR websites. A single quality backlink is far batter than those hundreds of irrelevant backlinks. You should focus more on your content and then think of building quality backlinks.

So, how to find quality backlinks that are relevant to your content? Just open any SEO tool like ubersuggest, ahrefs, or semrush and search your targeted keyword. Then it’ll show to the SERP and you can also see the number of backlinks and the referring domains. Now, contact all those websites to link back to you. And if your content is better then your competitors then they’ll surely link back to you. If you sent emails to 100 people maybe only 20 will reply and one 3-5 will link back to you. That totally fine because it is always a tough process to get backlinks. There I always content must be your first priority.

5.Your Niche is too competitive

Okay, now you have backlinks and your quality of content is also good but still you’re not ranking on Google. Because there are already high authority websites ranking on that term. Suppose you have written an article on ‘SEO’ and then you thinking to rank. Let me tell you SEO is one of the most competitive terms in the internet and Big companies and SEO giants are ranking on this keyword, So there is no chance to out rank them. And if you are just starting then you should stay away from these competitive keywords.

One thing you can do is write articles on a broad topic or long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords have low search volume as compared to seed keyword but it also has low competition. And long-tail keyword are super targeted and you can easily rank on them. And when you have written many articles on long-tail keywords of a particular then you can target the main seed keyword. Although it is also very hard to rank on Seed keyword because you are ranking on relative topics on a niche so google will give little priority to your site as it has already earned users’ trust.

In this article, I have told you about some reasons why your website is not ranking. SEO is a long-term process so you must keep updating your content. Did you know 91% of websites do not get any traffic from Google? If don’t want your website in that 91% then focus on the points which I have told you.

If you have any suggestion or question the ask us in comment section and if you like are work then do share with your friends on social media. Thanks for reading.

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