Best 5 Programming languages to Learn in 2021

In this article, you will know which programming language you should learn to get the highest package or to be successful as a freelancer or which language will get you a confirmed job. All the information we have given here is based on true facts and analysis. And by the end of this article, you will know which is the best language for you.

Did you know according to Stakeoverflow India is the youngest country in terms of the average coding age of coders and the experience of coders. Therefore we can say that India is producing young coders. So let’s get started with the top 5 programming languages.

1. Python

According to StackOverflow’s global salaries report, the data scientist and machine learning specialist got the highest salary packages. Python is a great choice for machine learning and data science and also with less experience you can get amazing salary packages. Therefore if you also want to grab a high salary package then you should go with Python. With Python, you can do many things like Web Development, GUI Development, scripting, and many more. Python is very easy to learn and it is also one the most popular and loved languages in the world. StackOverflow says python is the most wanted language.

Big data and Cloud computing is the hottest trends in the world of computer science which you can do after python. Python is also the second popular language for learning data science after the R language. With python, you can do a lot of automation with python tools and modules.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is the second most wanted programming language but it is not the only reason why we recommend javascript in the second number. In today’s time, Javascript is very popular because it used in not only the frontend but we can use it in the backend as well. You can also use electron javascript to make GUI and if we talk about opportunities javascript is great as workwise. The javascript the backbone of web development and I don’t have to say anything about how popular is websites. Nowadays every small or big business use websites therefore you can easily get the freelancing work with javascript. javascript and its framework developer has huge demand.

JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular are getting very popular day by day. And if you want to learn typescript which is one of the most loved language, first you have to learn JavaScript.

3. Java

Yes, Java is the third most demanding language of 2020. If you want to learn android development then learning Java is the first step. I know there are other languages like kotlin and flutter but in my opinion, if you want to make your basics strong then you should first learn java. You can make your programming base strong by learning the java language. You can also learn data structure with java and also can create websites and GUIs. Java is the best language to understand object-oriented programming.

Java language has a huge community support which means you can easily find any problem’s solution easily. There are many big companies use java language and almost 40% of developer love to code in Java language. There we put the java language in the third number in this list.

4. C and C++

The fourth programming language that we recommend are C and C++ because these languages are close to software and CPU. If you are doing game development or microcontroller programming where you have to use the resources wisely, then you can use C and C++ languages. The main reason we put the C and C++ in this list because it is a great language to start with programming. If you start your programming carrier with C and C++ then you will know how a computer works and how the instructions are followed or how the programming languages are work. And if you learning C then also learn c++ because c++ is the subset of C. If anyone is trying to start competitive programming then C++ language is the best for you.

C++ allows exception handling and function overloading. C++ is an efficient, powerful, and very fast language. You can find a wide range of applications – from Graphical user interface to 3D graphics for games to real-time mathematical simulations.

5. Swift

Apple create swift in 2014 and it is a compiled programming language for Linux OS, Mac Os and watch OS. Some years ago swift made in the top 10 list of the TIOBE Index in the most popular languages. Swift is a very easy to learn open source programming language. It is an easy language so it could be your first language and it is also faster than many programming languages. Swift is used in ios app development and let me tell you that the average salary of an ios application developer is 97,000$.

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