What is Keyword and What is Keyword Research in 2020

have you started a new website or your website is old enough but not getting any love from search engines like Google? Well, this could be possible because you haven’t done proper Keyword Research. And if you are just starting that is fine cause when anyone starts a new blog or website they just write about anything without knowing the keyword difficulty, search volume etc.

Most times a newbie target the main high difficulty keyword which has a lot of competition so the chance of your ranking is almost zero. But in this I article I will teach you how to do keyword research in a proper way.

I think many beginners don’t even filler with the term keyword research, So let’s get started with keyword research?

 What is Keyword?

Keyword research

In general “a keyword could be any word, term or phrase which people search on Google. Keywords are the main element of an article that tells Google what is article about. If you are just starting a new website then you should target long-tail keyword because it is very easy to rank them. Mainly there are 3 types of keywords –

#1. Seed Keywords

They are also called main keywords and it is very difficult to rank on Google with these keywords because many people are writing about them and the authority of the websites that are ranking on seed keywords is very high. For example – insurance, share market, these types of keywords are called seed keywords.

The search volume of these keywords are very high but these keywords are not targeted for example suppose if someone searches the “share market” on Google and we know the search volume of this keyword is very high but we didn’t much idea about the searcher’s intention.

#2. Body Keywords

The volume of ” body keyword ” is also very high and it is also targeted to a large extent like Share market tutorial. These keywords also have high volume but it is also difficult to rank. And especially if your website is brand new or its authority is very low or zero, then it would be almost impossible for you to rank on such keywords. But these keywords have less competition than seed keywords.

#3. Long-Tail Keywords

The best thing about long-tail keywords is there is very less competition so it is quite easy to rank on these keywords. And long-tail keywords are best for new website because even if the volume is low in them, but when your website will rank, its authority and trust in Google will increase. long-tail keywords are highly targeted and the traffic that comes from it is also very targeted for example best seo tools under 100$.

If you just created a new website, then I would advise you to write articles on long-tail keywords only because it will help your blog or website to grow fast And as you have also seen that when you type the whole question in google, you get results more accurate. And I believe that if you start working with long-tail keywords, no matter your website is just created or older, the moment to start writing articles on long-tail keywords within 3-4 months your website will start generating organic traffic.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO. Keyword research is a process in which we do a complete analysis of keywords like what is the search volume of that keyword and how much is the difficulty of keyword means whether it is easy to rank it or not.

If you are writing blogs without doing keyword research then your blog is never going to rank and you will not succeed in the Blogging field. Suppose you have written a blog post without performing keyword research and now you must be thinking – why my blog is not getting any traffic? Because you don’t even know that you have written on long-tail keyword or high difficulty keyword or on which type of keyword.

Now you must have understood what keyword research is and why it is so important. Initially, most people do not know about keyword research, so no matter how good content you write, it will not rank if you haven’t done keyword research. If you want to be successful in Blogging, then you should research the keywords because its the first step of SEO.

How to do Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a process of finding profitable keywords which will drive traffic to our website. And after we got the keyword now we have to optimise our article accordingly so that Google can sent visitors to our website.

To perform keyword research you have to find some best keyword or phrases related to your niche like if your niche is SEO and Blogging then some keywords would be Blogging, SEO, WordPress Blogger etc. After that all you have to do is finding low competition long-tail keyword from these keywords. And how will you find them??

Well, there are tools available in market like ahrefs, semrush, Ubersuggest etc Which will help you in finding new and easy to rank long tail keywords. Now we have got some long tail keywords and now we should also know about our competitors this is called competitor research.

Competitor research is very important, in this process you will know who is your competitors and what is the authority of those websites and last but not least how many backlinks they have. The first step to outrank your competitors is to write more informative, optimized and helpful article.

You should also add suggestions of your main keywords from Google so that your article can get traffic from different keywords. You can also find these keywords in all the tools I have mentioned above. And backlink analysis can be performed with these tools.

So guys, in this article we gave you some information about keywords, it’s type and how to do basic keyword research. If you like article article then please share with your friends on social media and if you have any doubts and questions then let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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