How to Optimize Website for Yahoo

Nowadays when Google has become synonymous with Search engines most of us give only priority to Google. That is okay because is the largest search engine and it owns the most shares of the search engine market. As Google is so much popular so it is very competitive to rank on Google. If you are not either ranking on Google or not, you should also look at other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

Almost 5-7% of people in the USA still use Bing and Yahoo as their default search engine. You must be thinking why I am combining Yahoo and Bing? Well because ranking factors for both search engines are almost the same meaning that if you were able to rank on any then there are more chances of ranking on another one.

Why should Optimize for Yahoo and Bing?

In 2020 most people just focusing on Google there it has become more competitive and on another side Yahoo – Bing still has a shortage of content. That is why it way easier to rank on these search engines than Google. You have to face low competitors and it becomes easy to rank here. For example, if you are not able to rank for the keyword “chicken soup” on Google then you should optimize for Yahoo and Bing.

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Another reason for optimizing your website for other search engines because other search engines are not as much complicated as Google. According to Neil Patel Google makes almost 3300+ changes in their algorithms that is almost 10 changes per day. This is what makes Google the hardest to rank search engine. And when we talk about Yahoo and Bing, their algorithms are not updated oftenly. Yahoo’s ranking factors are same as it was 5-6 years ago.

Backlinks have more Priority

We all know Google gives very high priority to backlinks but if you want to rank on Google your article must satisfy other factors also. But in Yahoo and Bing, if your article has more good links either it is backlinks or inbound links, you will get higher rankings. This is because these search engines give the highest priority to links.

Domain Age will Boost Your Rankings

Yahoo also gives high priority to the age of your website like the older your website is the higher ranking it will get. There don’t change the domain name if you want to consistently rank on Google. Now let get into the optimization techniques for Yahoo.

Optimization For Yahoo


Do Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the first process of SEO in every search engine because if you don’t what people finding then how will you target them. So first know what people searching on Google than add those keywords and related information in your article. Don’t forget to add your main keyword in the title, meta description, and also in URL because when a search engine has less information about any topic these things matters a lot. But don’t do keyword stuffing because it will make your content senseless therefore user experience should be your first priority.

Engaging Content

Either it is Google or Yahoo if your content is not engaging your bounce rate will increase as hell and your ranking will decrease more and more. Content is king this why one should spend more in creating high quality content. Make your website is focused on only niche don’t write articles on different topic because it makes no sense. And search also gives high priority to one niche website than the whole magazine type websites.

Be Updated

As you know Yahoo’s algorithms are not been updated for the last 5-6 years but it doesn’t mean that it will remain the same always. You should keep yourself updated so if yahoo makes any changes in its ranking factors or algorithm then you can make changes in your content according to it. One more thing, make sure you write an article is fresh and new topics because fresh content tends to rank higher on any search engine.

Add more links

As I already told you Yahoo and Bing give most priority to the backlink profile of a website. If your article has a lot of good quality backlinks and you have done little work in other factors, still yahoo will rank your website. Also, add internal links to your articles to get better indexing and it will also help in better rankings.


It’s not like you can just rank on one search engine if you make your content good optimized then maybe you can rank for other search engines also. Some of my articles also ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo therefore you can also do it very easily. You just have to build an audience to get consistent traffic and you can do it only when your content is Awesome for users.

In this article, I have given you some tips about ranking on Yahoo and Bing. If you like our work then do share with your friends on social sites and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section. Subscribe to our newsletter to get free updates about SEO and Blogging. Thanks for reading.

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