How to Find a Profitable Niche for Blogging in 2021

Finding a good niche is the most important thing in Blogging. Many beginners find it difficult to find a profitable niche. In this article, I will show you how you can find an easy and profitable niche. Before finding you have to take of few things in your mind like how you consider a niche is suitable for you and it also has to profitable for you. Most people fail in blogging because they choose the wrong niche. Beginners chose their niche by listening to YouTubers or someone else and they don’t think about their knowledge in the niche or competition. That is why after not getting any result in 2-3 months they quit the blog.

What you consider a Good Niche

Some basic things should always remember while finding a profitable niche.

Search Volume

The niche should have good search volume and it totally depends on your niche that what is a good search volume. For example, if you are creating an affiliate website then you can earn good money with limited traffic but if your goal is to monetize your blog with AdSense then you need a good volume niche. But in 2021 you can’t rely on Google only because it has become very difficult to rank in Google.

Every day almost 1 Billion+ blog posts are published therefore it has become very competitive to rank on Google. You should consider other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Quora to get more traffic for your blog. I have seen many people get their most amount of traffic from these platforms.

Competition and Knowledge

You should have at least some experience or knowledge about your niche so that you can provide good quality content and it also helps you to be consistent. Although you can easily get knowledge about anything but in my opinion if you have some experience or interest then you can write more quality content on that niche. Don’t try to find zero competition Niche because low competition is a good sign. You can find low competition profitable niches by performing keyword research. You can also start a micro niche blog to get faster and targeted traffic and micro-niches are also tend to rank easily as compared to broad topic blogs.

Micro niches are a small part or category of a broad topic or industry. For example, health, wealth, fitness are huge industries and there are millions of websites that write content on this, so it’s quite impossible to rank on these topics. Whereas if we break down broad topic like vegan diet for pregnant women instead of vegan die, is very targeted and very less competitive so we can consider it a micro-niche. Another example is weight loss, it very hard to rank on this topic but we create content about weight loss with running will be more easier to rank on Google.


You should choose a niche that is evergreen so that you can earn money throughout the year. But how will you know that niche is evergreen or not? Well, you can use Google trends. It is a tool by Google that tells you the popularity over the year of a keyword. For example, if your niche is about valentine’s day gifts and quote then you will only get traffic in only Fabruary.

So you see it’s it evergreen niche because it only peaks once in a year. But if your niche-related topics health, technology, software etc then you will get traffic all year because people search these things on daily basis on Google. So in order to earn consistent money, you should choose a niche that is evergreen.

Where can you find profitable Niche ideas

There are many places where you can get ideas about profitable niches but first, you have to see the market of niche, search volume, and competition. Here we have made a list of platforms where you can find niche ideas.


If you want the create a low competition profitable affiliate website then you can do research on Amazon. Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website in the world and everyone buys things from Amazon. You can dig deeper into subcategories to find niche ideas. But choose a product which has a good rating and price is minimum of 30-40$ so you can earn a good commission percentage. Or you find that what problems is most rated products are solving and you can create content about those problems and also provide the affiliate link in the article.


Udemy is one the biggest platform for online courses and there you can find tons of niche ideas because people come here to learn something through a course. So you can make a website related to any course like for example the course is about c programming language. Then you can create content about the best places to learn c language, best practices to learn a language, why you should learn it or best software to leans c language etc. In my opinion, Udemy is the best place to find a blogging niche if you want to earn money only by Adsense monetization.

Social media platforms

You can find viral niche ideas on social media platforms and If you have an audience for the niche doesn’t matter it is on youtube or Instagram or Pinterest, you can easily monetize it. For example, Quora is the biggest website for question answers where people ask their doubts and if you find any set of questions that have fewer answers or not quality content then you can start your niche website around those questions. And believe me, the question is a very targeted long-tail keyword so, it is easy to rank to these keywords.

Remember you can rank in any niche if you able to find long-tail keywords in your niche. Long-tail keywords are more targeted and very less competitive keywords that is why it’s no big deal to rank on long-tail keywords. For example “best mobile phones” is difficult to rank but the best mobile phones under 15000 in India are less competitive and targeted.

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