How to Earn Money from YouTube in 2021

Youtube is the most popular platform for video content and it is a service by Google. There are mainly two types of people on youtube, the first one is viewers and the other is YouTubers/content creators means people who make videos on YouTube. Youtube gives you the freedom to create any type of videos like animated content, Education videos, fun-comedy videos, or any type of videos but your content should follow Youtube’s privacy policy. You can watch videos on YouTube for free but when you create content on YouTube, you will get paid by YouTube. As we all know, YouTube is own by Google, and therefore Google works here as a bridge between advertisers and publishers.


Every type of Business pay Google to advertise or promote their products or services on YouTube. Google takes 45% of the share of advertisement fees and gives 55% to the content creators. Google takes 45% because YouTube is totally for free and they are not charging any fees for hosting and domain or anything. All big channels earn most of their income through advertisements. Google shows ads automatically using their AI and machine learning technologies on your videos according to the type of your content. Before 2018, there is no requirements or terms and conditions for monetization but now you have to complete some threshold to enable ads monetization via Adsense on your channel.

How to Earn Money from Advertisement

You can earn a lot of money from ads but first, you need to get approved by Adsense. For that, your channel must complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hour watch time then you can apply for Adsense. If your content is original, genuine, and follows all policies of Google then you can easily get approval on Adsense. Once Adsense is active that Google will automatically put ads on your videos. If you want to get Adsense money on your bank account then first you have to complete the 100$ threshold. Google sends payment to your bank account every 2nd last week of the month.


Sponsorship is the next great way to make money from YouTube. In sponsorship, the advertiser direct contact with you for promoting their product and service in your video. Sponsorship is best for both for publishers and for advertisers because here they don’t have to give 55% to Google. The best thing about sponsorship is advertisers have to pay less money and they can target a more dedicated audience related to their product Niche. For example, if a fitness channel recommend about anything related to fitness, there are more chances of conversion because the audience trust that YouTuber.

You will start to get sponsorship once you reach the 20k-50k subscribers mark. Sponsorship cost depends on your niche or your content like if your niche comedy or any general then you will get less money. And in the other hand, if you have a dedicated subscriber base on a particular niche then you can earn a lot of money from sponsorship. Therefore sponsorship is the second-best way to make money from YouTube. You have to promote only genuine products to make a good relationship with your audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning money by promoting products or services of a company or individual and whenever someone makes a purchase using your link then you will earn a commission percentage. If you are a YouTuber or blogger, then an affiliate can make you very good money.

Affiliate marketing is the best way of making money from your YouTube channel or blog. And if your niche is related to tech, digital marketing, or health then here you can make a lot of money. In many cases, you earn 10x more than your Adsense revenue so now you know how effective is Affiliate Marketing. Almost every big company has an affiliate program so whatever is your niche you can definitely find an affiliate program. When someone clicks on your affiliate link then a cookie stored in their browser for few days.

You can recommend good products to earn a lot of money or if You have a channel where you make unboxing and reviews of any type of products then affiliate marketing will be more profitable for you as compared to Adsense.

Premium Membership

The fourth way of earning money from YouTube is the monthly paid membership program. You have also seen many YouTube talking that join our membership program to get exclusive updates and you can also get shout-out in videos – live streams. Or many YouTubers also say that if you want to support them they can also send money through any third-party websites like Patreon. Patreon is a famous website where you can send money to support your favorite YouTubers. If you have a good relationship with your audience then you can earn amazing money from the YouTube membership program. You have to provide more advance and valuable content to your members otherwise they will unsubscribe the membership very soon.


You can also create merchandise like shirts hoodies, bags, and shoes and sell it to your audience. You can either do it by yourself or you can do a partnership with any company to make clothes and other things. But don’t try to make fool of your audience by increasing your merchandise price and providing low quantity clothes. You can print your channel name, some famous dialogues, or what you call your audience like army, family etc to generate good sales and to build Good relationships. You have to wear your merchandise so there is more probability that you will make more sales.

To build a connection with your audience, you can also do giveaways. Giveaways are a great way for getting more views and subscribers. For example, you can giveaway a mobile phone for free and say if anyone wants to participate then they have to subscribe to your channel. You have also seen many YouTubers doing giveaways to increase engagement with their audience.

So now you know that advertisement is not the only way to make money from YouTube. YouTube is all about building an honest relationship with your audience. If you want to get success on youtube, you have to be consistent with your work for at least 10-12 months. I have seen many people quit their YouTube channel when their first 4-5 videos did not get many views. You have to be consistent with your work and always try to do something in a new way that people love. YouTube has billions of monthly users that means there is an audience for every type of content.

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