How to Earn Money From Instagram in 2020

Nowadays Instagram has become a very popular business platform for all kinds of influencers and brands. And if you have a dedicated Instagram profile or page on a niche then it will more easy to gain followers and earn money from Instagram. If you have a good amount of loyal followers than you can easily earn money. You just need to become an influencer in your niche and with a little bit of creativity to get success on Instagram.

You just have to gain engagement with your audience by sharing high-quality photos and videos. You can earn from Instagram with just 5k-10k followers. In This Article, I will show to the Best 5 ways to earn money from Instagram.

Best ways to Earn Money from Instagram

#1. Earn money from sponsored posts

If you have a decent amount of followers in any niche then brands associated with that niche will approach you for sponsored posts. You may have seen many sponsored posts or posts with #sponsored tag are called sponsored posts. In sponsored posts, you just have to post a photo or video as usual and also promote the brand.

But at first, build trust with your followers and understand their needs so that you can earn money by providing good services and products to your audience. Your earning for one sponsored post is depend on niche and engagement with followers. For example, In SEO and digital marketing niche, you need 10-20k followers to earn a cent amount of money whereas in a meme niche you need at least 50-100k followers to earn a cent amount of money.

#2. Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn good amount of money with affiliate marketing. in today’s time every company has an affiliate program. So lets understand what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting other peoples product or service and whenever someone make purchase from your link, you get some commission.

In affiliate marketing the more product or services you sell the more you will earn whereas the influencer’s job is to just promote the product or make awareness about that product.

But how will you promote affiliate products because Instagram did not provide the function of adding links with caption or pictures? So you can add the link in the bio and tell the people to buy from there or you also add a story on Instagram with swipe uplink.

#3. Open your online store and promote it on Instagram

Some surveys have shown that 30% of Instagram users buy products that they have seen on Instagram. You can also start an online shop and promote it on Instagram. Let’s see how you can promote-

1. Telling your followers a short story in a manner so that people connect emotionally.
2. Add high-quality photos of using your product.
Do some challenges or play games to stay connected with your audience.
3. Share photos of people using your product.
4. You can open your eCommerce store for a large market on Instagram or sell it through an already existing market like Flipkart and Amazon.
5. You can create a Facebook page and connect it to Instagram.

#4. You can become a Paid Brand Promoter

According to some reports, 80% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram and 60% of them say that they get to know about new products and services from Instagram. Companies find people who have a good number of followers. Brand collaboration is one of the best ways to earn money continuously from Instagram.

You can earn money by promoting ideas, products etc. of a company and telling about upcoming events and new products. In this work you just have to use instagram for promotion. But you can also use your blog or other social media sites in it. Before becoming a Paid Brand Promoter, you have to take care of the following:

1. Brand’s expectations ana are they right.
2. Is this collaboration good for your audience?
3. Are the products of this brand really helpful to your followers?
4. Do not let that brand own your Instagram, be honest to your followers.

5. Earn money by selling Instagram Account

Now, you may not believe but it is true that you can earn money by selling Instagram account. If you have an Instagram account with active followers and you do not have time to manage it or you are not getting brands even after you have an audience, then the best way in this would be to sell your page or profile.

Instagram Accounts can be easily sold for between 100 $ to 1000 $. Or you can buy an account at a very low price and then work on it to grow its audience then you can sell the page at a high price. Selling an Instagram account is easy enough and there will be no problem.

So today, I gave you information about how you can earn money from Instagram and if you like this article please don’t forget to share with friends. If you have any question or suggestion so let me know in the comments.

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