How to Earn Money From Facebook in 2020

Hey guys, So do you want to what are the real or legit ways to earn money from Facebook than you are at right place. In this article, i m going to tell you some of the best ways to earn money from Facebook.

Now at first, Did you Know, why Facebook is a great platform to earn money online? Well, as you know that Facebook has a very big userbase which is why here you have a lot of opportunities. Almost one billion people use Facebook on a daily basis and almost 1.5 Billion people use Facebook each month. Many businesses are using Facebook marketing to grow and promote their business for instance we can take the example of shopclues. Shopclues almost gets a return of 15% on the amount they spent in Facebook ads. Not just advertising but there are many ways to make money from Facebook.

Best 4 Ways to Earn Money From Facebook

1. Selling on Facebook

If you have any product then you can sell it on Facebook either by advertising or by creating fanbase on Facebook. And if you don’t have any product of your own, that is okey because affiliate marketing is also very good option. Affiliate marketing is process in which you sell other people ‘s service and product and earn money from commission. Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry so you can also choose any product or service and promote it on facebook. Now you may have a question that how to promote anything on facebook.

There two ways in you can do it, the first one is by advertisng on facebook which easy and effective and also very cheap. But if you don’t have any money then you can just bulid your audience with facebook page and group. Remember your audience must be interested in for product niche than there are more chance of converting sale.

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2. Make an App

if you have any idea for an app, then you can just create an app for Facebook and if they like it, you will earn very much money. let me give you an example, In 2007 a group of students from Stanford create apps for Facebook as their assignment project but they also don’t have any idea that these assignments could make them millionaires. So, you can take inspiration from here, you can also create an app for Facebook or if you just have an idea and don’t know anything about coding then just hire an app developer.

3. Social media influencer

Anyone can became Social media influencer first you have to create an page after that you can post anything(but engaging) on a particular niche. for example you created a page about shoes, Now you have to post about different thing and types and brands about shoes on daily basis and then share those posts on your feed or Facebook groups. Now people who liked your page must be very much interested in shoes. Then you should build relationship with your audience so that they will trust you. now you can just show them shoes of different brands and people will surely interested in buying it.

4. Selling your Page

Yes, you read that right, you can actually earn money by selling Facebook pages and groups. if your page is some niche based then it will be more worthy. Recently I sold my one Facebook page with over 7k likes in 2k rupees. It was a great deal for me but not every time you will get that much money for such a small meme page. But the organic reach of my page is very awesome that is why someone interested in buying it.

Look, likes and all are good on Facebook but if you don’t have any reach then nobody will be interested in buying your page.

Thanks for reading my article. In this article I had given information about how to can take advantage of Facebook and earn money from it. I hope you liked my work, if yes please do subscribe to my newsletter. And if you have any questions, doubts, or suggestions, let me in the comments.

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