How to Earn Money by Programming in 2021?

So you have learned the programming now how to earn money from it. There is one obvious traditional solution is doing job but as we all know almost 90% people don’t like their job or the job culture. Therefore in this article, we’ll show you some of the best ways to earn money with your programming skills. One thing I want to make clear here that communication skill is a must-have skill in today’s world. Because at one point many people have the same skills then what will make you different or stand out from the crowd. Your communication skills also help in getting more clients, so make sure to make a good hand on it.

1. Freelancing Online

Earn Money by Programming

The first and most famous way of earning money is freelancing. In Freelancing, you don’t have to work for companies like 9 to 5 job. You have a particular skill and people or businesses will pay you for helping them with your skill. Online freelancing provides you the independence of working from home or anywhere. There are some popular websites like and where can you start your freelancing journey. I know some of my friends are earning 50,000-1,00,000 rupees per month by just doing freelancing in their third year of college.

The experienced freelancers even charge 100$ to 300$ per hour and they make a lot more money than the job people. At first you will earn less money and many times you will not find clients but don’t give up too early. Slowly your ratings will improve and when you have good ratings on your profile you get more and more clients.

2. Freelancing Offline

Another way of doing freelancing is you can go to local businesses or anyone. For example, if you are an app developer or web developer then you can ask the restaurant owners or hotel owners, or lawyers to create an app or website for their business. And during this pandemic situation, the demand for web developers and app developers is increased very much. local businesses are also trying to connect with their audience online.

Just go to any local business and show them the best template for their businesses and say if they want they can create a website like this one for them. I also suggest you can also give knowledge to them about the benefits of online websites or apps. And if your work is good then they will surely suggest you to their friends.

3. Sell Websites Temples and Themes

The third way of earn money by programming is to selling themes and WordPress templates online. Theme forest is one of the most popular websites which sells themes and website templates online. Here you can find the website templates and themes for any website. So you can also create an account on theme forest and sell your own themes and templates. And if you have basic web development and amazing designing skills then you can earn a good amount of money from here. If you want to earn passive income then it could be a great way because you have to a them or template once and you will get paid passively.

Not only themes here you can also sell plugins. If you don’t have any idea about how to create a template or theme, you can simply google it or you can find many free tutorials on youtube that will teach you how to create themes and plugins.

4. Teaching

Once you have learned to code, now you can teach other people how to code. There are many ways of earning money with coding in the teaching field. The first and easy way is to create a youtube channel and teach people about programming. Or if you are very good at teaching then you can create your course and sell it on websites like udemy. You can also run ads for your courses but it will not that beneficial.

Earn Money by Programming

What I suggest is to create an audience on youtube and make some amazing tutorials for free and if you can create amazing tutorials for free in the future you can sell your course to the subscribers in advance learning. There are many people doing the same thing and earning amazing money. There are many platforms where you can teach people to live. You can set your rate per hour and people will pay you. Or you can teach local students because we all know coding is the future therefore students from the 10th class are also interested in learning code.

5. Create Niche Website

You can create a niche based website and teach people about a particular niche. There is a guy name pat Flynn who’s smart passive income podcast is very famous. So he started his journey when his company fired him from his architect job. Now he had no work so he started a website where he used to teach people about architect carrier and how to pass architect exam.

Earn Money by Programming

Soon he realized that his website his getting a good amount of visitors so, he launched an ebook or course about how to be an architect on his website. And with his ebook, he earned almost 8k dollars in the first month. Now, he teaches how to start a website or how to start a business in his podcast. So you can see the potential of a niche website, you can also create a website with little investment.

Once you have created a website then you can put Google Adsense ads on it and it will make you decent money. Now when your website is well established and popular then you will start getting the sponsored posts. A sponsored post is where you write content about promoting someone else’s product or service. You can also sell affiliate products related to your niche. For example if you have a website on the WordPress niche then you can write articles about the best hosting companies or best SEO tools.

You can put the affiliate links in the article and whenever someone makes a purchase with your link you will earn a commission. Now you know many ways to earn money by programming and if you like our article then don’t forget to share with your friends.

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