How to Choose Blogging Niche? 5 Profitable Blogging Niches in 2021

If you want to start a new blog in 2021 that will generate a minimum of 200-3000$ per month then you are at the right place. One common mistake all beginner bloggers make that they did not choose the right niche but don’t worry, in this article I will show the top 5 easy profitable niches in 2021. If you are just starting your blogging journey then these niches will be good for you. These blogging niches are very easy for beginners meaning that if you work with consistency then you can easily earn a decent amount of money.

How to Choose Blogging Niche

1. Be Consistent

I know people who start their blog and give up within a few weeks and they think blogging is not something where you can make money. But that is not true, you have to be consistent for at least six to twelve to start earning from your blog. Therefore whichever niche you choose be consistent with it.

2. Interest in Niche

If you are creating your first blog then you should choose a niche in which you have some interest. This will make it easier to be consistent with it and keep motivated yourself.

3. Knowledge of Niche

Do you have much knowledge about your niche to write blogs confidently because in the beginning people don’t have knowledge about their niche and then they start coping from other bloggers which is totally wrong. If you write copied articles on your website, it will never going to rank on Google. Having knowledge about your niche not means that you have to be professional but you should be able to write articles without doing much research.

4. Monetization

First you have to do some research about your niche that how you can monetize it like with affiliate marketing or adsense. May be you are writing about anything which does not follow google or Google Adsense privacy and policy. And one more thing you have to check that is it possible to make money with niche by doing research about people who are already established in your niche. Now let’s the top 5 profitable niches in 2021-

How to Earn Money Online

Top 5 Blogging Niches That Will Make Money

1. Educational Blog

Did you know any subject which you understand very well and also teach other people on that subject then you can start your educational blog. For example, if you are a coder and have good experience in coding then you can teach people about coding and also how to make a future as a programmer. Education Blogging niche is one of the most profitable niches on the internet. Many people create blogs about any educational subject and you can also make a youtube channel same as a blog to teach people.

When you have a good amount of audience then you can also create paid courses and sell them. There are platforms like udemy and skillshare where you can sell your paid courses. And if you have good knowledge of any school subject then you can use an educational platform like unacademy to teach student live.

2. Food Blog

Everyone loves to eat food and that is why it is one of the most popular blogging niches on the internet. In this niche are just sharing the recipes like how to make pizza in 15 minutes and you can also click photos of your dishes and use them in your blog posts. But remember you don’t have to write about any type of food, first choose any food category that you like Chinese, Indian, or veg, non-veg, or vegan food etc and then write blogs only around your niche. It will increase your chances of getting successful in this niche.

There are many ways to monetize your food blog, you can use Google AdSense to show ads on your blog or you can do also affiliate marketing here like this product will help in cooking pizza. And when your website grows and gets a good amount of traffic then people will pay to write articles about their products related to food.

3. Personal Finance

Blogging niche

We all want to earn more money by doing new things and investing in different sectors of the market. Millions of people search on Google for ways to invest money and save money that is why there is a huge opportunity for finance blogs. And one thing I want to tell you that personal finance is the highest CPC topic on google AdWords meaning that you create a blog about this blogging niche then you can earn a very very good amount of money.

Again you don’t have to write about everything, you have to stick to just one particular way of investing or saving money. For example, you can write about investing in the stock market or investing in bitcoin or tips about saving money or share knowledge about real estate.

4. Health and Fitness

Blogging niche

Health and fitness is a huge topic there are so many small niches that you can write about. And especially during this coronavirus situation when people are caring most about their health and fitness, you can create a blog about this and it will grow very fast. If you are blogging around this area then surely you will find an audience. Health and fitness is the most popular niche on the internet therefore you will face good competition here. But one thing I can assure you that once you start getting some traffic you can easily scale your blog.

One more thing you can do is explore your health blog to create a page on Instagram and upload your fitness videos on YouTube. You can create a video about any fitness and health on youtube and then give a link for detailed information to your website. Same you can do with Blog like you can embed youtube videos on your article. This increases your user experience and it is good for SEO also.

Same with Instagram, you can share images and videos with your audience. Instagram is the best place for influencing people and once you created a good follower base on Instagram then you can make money with sponsored posts and Instagram affiliate marketing.

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