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What is Google Adsense – How to Earn from Google Adsense in 2020

If you are a blogger or digital marketer then you must have heard the term Google Adsense and if not than don’t worry in this article we will tell you what is Google Adsense and how to earn money from it. Many new blogger just start blogging or YouTube because they have heard about adsense is great way to earn money. Can you really earn from Google adsense? we’ll know later in this post.

What is Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a service of Google itself, it is an advertisement which like a bridge between advertisers and publishers. Google AdSense allows publishers to monetize their online content so that they can earn money with it. When your website is ready to show ads then Google will place ads on your website in the form of images, text, or videos.

This does not mean that you can earn money just by placing Adsense on your website, in fact, AdSense approval and earning money from it are both different things.

But I did not say that making money from Adsense will be easy or hard because it all depends on your content and hard work. Basically, Google AdSense is an advertising company own by Google and you can earn a great amount of money from here, so let’s understand AdSense in detail –

Which types of ads will be shown in your website is depends on your content and your earning is depends upon how much clicks ads get. There are 2 things in AdSense first is impressions and the second is click. No. of impression are the number how much time people saw your ads and click is how many time they saw and click on ads. When you complete 100$ on the Adsense account which is the threshold limit then you can withdraw the amount to your account.

How does Adsense Work?

There are two types of people in the market first the advertisers (brands and businesses) who pay Google to show their advertisement on different websites related to their product or service. And the second type of people are the publishers (content creators like bloggers or you-tubers), these are the main people because they work hard to get traffic and then Google use these website to show or promote the advertisements.

Google adsense

Just like Google Adsense is a product of Google for publishers there is also a service available for advertisers which is called Google Adwords. In Google Adwords, people pay Google to show ads on websites and you can also choose the types of advertisements and on which type of website you want to show advertisement. For example, if you have written an article about the best smartphones then Google will show smartphones related ads on your article.

If you want to promote products through ads, then you have to first create an account on Google AdWords and also have to add money to the account so that you can pay Google. Now Google will show ads on articles with keywords related to his product.¬†Keywords are words or phrases that we search on google and accordingly, Google show us some results.¬†And when we write an article on those keywords, Google shows advertiser’s ads on our websites and when someone clicks on ads on our website then Google will pay us.

How Advertisement Works

Its called interest based advertisement when someone search for any thing or product on Google or any eCommerce website then Google remembers the information as form of cache in users web browser. And after when that person watches any video on youtube or read article then Google show advertisement related to the cache so the probability of click increases. You also have noticed many times that when you search for any product on amazon then you saw advertisement on different websites and videos.

How to approve the website for Google Adsense

If your age is above 18 and your website content does not violet any policies of Google then you can think of applying for Adsense. Along with this, your website must have at least 25 originally written articles with images and videos. Also, don’t forget to add privacy policy and about us pages to your website. There no any traffic requirement for Google Adsense. And make sure your all articles are indexed in Google, you can use the search console for this. Or you can use internal linking which is also a great way to index your posts nicely on Google.

Now if your websites satisfy all these conditions then you can apply for Google AdSense and there are more chances that your website will get approved.

Remember your articles have length 1000 words and do not copy from any websites because Google does not approve and rank the copyrighted content. There are more the 1B blog posts available which means 1 blog for every 7 persons therefore Google does not have a shortage of content. This is the main reason why Google gives top priority to original and fresh content.

How to Earn from Google Adsense

As I told you earlier that getting your site Adsense approved and earning money from Adsense are two different things. As you Adsense mainly pays you only for clicks on ads that is why you should only focus on content and traffic and your earning will increase automatically. To increase traffic your website you have to SEO. SEO is the process of getting free organic traffic from Google without spending money. The traffic comes from Google is high quality and there are more chances of getting clicks on ads. If you do not have any idea about SEO and how to do SEO then you can check out this article.

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Today, in this article we told you about Adsense and how you can approve your website for Adsense. If you like our article then please share with your friends on social media. And if you have any questions, suggestions, or queries, do let us know in the comments. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated. Thanks for reading.

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