How to Improve Domain Authority in 2020

A good Domain Authority can increase your traffic on Google and a higher DA website has more trust in Google. Therefore Domain Authority is a great SEO factor to rank on Google but wait, let’s first understand what is Domain authority then we’ll discuss how can you improve it.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority or Damion rating is an SEO metric by some popular tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and MOZ that defines the backlink profile of any Domain. The more no. high quality and relevant do-follow backlinks can easily improve your domain authority. The Domain Authority metric is created by MOZ. You also may have seen that a high DA website ranks most times higher on Google.

Why Domain Authority is important?

However, Google said many times that they don’t consider Domain Authority a ranking factor but there is a study by Ahrefs that shows DA and ranking keywords have a correlation. As you can see the image below which shows the better Domain authority means better rankings.

Domain Authority

If you also want better rankings than considered increasing your website’s Domain rating or Domain authority. However, you can’t just right away increase Domain rating as you know creating high-quality backlinks is a time taking process.

How to Improve your Domain Authority

Domain authority is a grade or score between 1 to 100. When your website is brand new the DA of it is only 1. Although increasing DA is a long time process but you can make it a little faster by doing the right things. A website is not the same all the time and many times it decreases also. There could be many reasons for decreasing DA but mainly if your website lost some quality backlinks cause this problem. Here some facts about domain authority-

1. Tools like Moz and Ahrefs use 40+ signals to calculate the domain authority of a website.
2. High DA >> high search engine ranking pages >> more traffic.
3. The higher the DA website link back to your website, the more Domain rating will improve.

Domain rating is not something you can purchase, all you have to do is to write high-quality content and also make a strong backlink profile. If your website DR/DA is 10-15 then you can easily improve it up to 30-40 but the real struggle begins when you try to increase the Domain authority above 50+.

Content is king

As you know the main factor of DA is high quality and relevant backlinks therefore you should create that type of content, people love to link to it naturally. You can create your quality images, videos, gifs, and add them in to your blog post. So when someone copies your images or video they’ll surely give the link back. The best way to create naturally relevant backlinks is info-graphics.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is also a great factor in Domain authority. If you don’t believe it, you can check out Wikipedia which has a DA of 100 and we all know about the internal linking on Wikipedia. Internal linking helps in reducing the bounce rate and a lower bounce rate means more traffic. Internal linking helps in better indexing of content and also better rankings. And it also makes your website more engaging.

High-Quality Dofollow Backlinks

Did you know how domain authority is calculated? Well, every SEO tool uses different algorithms to calculate the DA of a website. But, there are some key points that every tool follows like No. of unique domain linking back to your website and Domain authority to linking Domains. That is why I say you should not focus on increasing the no. of DA, you should always focus only on creating good content and Great quality backlinks.

And don’t try to do some black hat tactics to increase DA just like buying backlinks in bulk from Fiverr. Those backlinks are worst and instead of helping, it can decrease your site’s performance and many it can be the reason to get banned from Google. The best way to get high-quality backlinks is guest posting.

In Guest posting, you write an article for some other website, and when they approve your post they give a do-follow backlink. You can just search on Google with your keyword + guest post and you will see websites that are demanding guest posts.

Now sometimes your DA score automatically decreases without losing any backlinks and the reason behind it is harmful backlinks. These bad links can also cause lower SERPs which means less traffic. Therefore you should check from time to time that is there any bad backlink on your website.

Be patient

As I told you before that Domain authority is long term game and Domain age is very important for DA. Old websites always rank better on Google. If your website is just a few months old then your DA not going increase that fast. So what you have to do is, create awesome content and get quality do-follow backlinks and then you just have to be patient. As your domain age will increase, your DA score will also increase slowly. Domain age is an important aspect of Search engine optimization but it doesn’t mean that small or new websites cannot ranks.

Blogging is all about being consistent at your work and you are consistent than a lot of things will become easy for you. Therefore you should publish a blog post on regular basis. If you not update your content then your SERPs on search engines will decrease more and more. The more you publish content the more traffic you will get and you also have many articles to create many quality backlinks.

How to check Domain Authority?

You should check your DA regularly or at least one time in a month so that you will know what is good and what’s wrong. There are many free and paid DA checker available in the market but you should only consider the SEO giants tools like Moz and Ahrefs.

Hope we have cleared your queries regarding Domain rating and if you still have any question than feel free to ask in comments. If you like our article then do share with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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