How Content Marketing will change in 2021

Content Marketing: You have also noticed that ranking on Google is getting harder every day or the organic reach of social media platforms is also getting worse. Is this meant SEO and social media will not work for your business anymore? No, that’s not the case, but when billions of people do something, then it will be very to get good results. Now, some people will say that SEO is dead in 2021! But it’s not, SEO is still very effective but it takes a lot of time to work.

If you are trying to get traffic from SEO it will be hard and very time taking that is because every day there are new 1B+ blog posts are published on google. Therefore, it will be very to rank on google in 2021. Same in the case of social media, you may have also noticed that our content is not getting that much good reach or shares on these platforms as it used to be. Social media do not work anymore in terms of organic reach if you want good results, then you have to spend a lot of money on advertisements. So in this article I will tell you how you can reach more audience for your business.

Content Marketing in 2021

Content Marketing in 2021

1. Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best and easiest way to get back your visitors. The best thing about push notifications that your users don’t have to sign up or give their email address, they just have to click on the allow button and that’s it now they are your subscribers. Push notifications are not irritating you can take the example of Facebook or WhatsApp or any big app. Every big gain uses push notification because it is very easy and also gives awesome results. You can try the tool to use alert notifications on your website.

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So now whenever you post a new blogpost your subscribers will get a notification on their browser. It’s the same as how Facebook sends you a notification when someone tags you or comment on your post. I think if you have a new website then it is necessary for you to use alert notifications because initially you’ll get very few visitors and you can convert them in your audience easily.

You don’t have to stop here, you should also use email marketing and messenger bots. You can also convert your same content into video form and audio form because not everyone likes reading and you also know that how much people like videos and audible content. So now you don’t have to rely only on social media and SEO to get more visitors.

2. Translate your Content

Most people write content in English and that is good because the world’s big percentage understand English. English is the most popular language on the internet but there are millions of people who search on google with their native language. One study also shows that many big websites got their most of traffic by translating the content.

You can use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to find which keywords are popular in different countries so you can target those keywords by translating content or writing content about them. Neil also used to write content only in English but then he started transcribing his content which helps him get more traffic from different countries.

3. Update Your Content

Content Marketing

You should spend more on updating your content than writing new content. Most big digital marketers like Neil Patel write content only once in week but update the older content 15+ times every week. So you know how much it is important to update your existing content. You can generate more traffic by updating old content rather then writing new content everyday. But if you are new to blogging and just started your website then for now your focus should be only on creating more content. And after one or two years you can start updating your old content.

4. Increase CTR

Few year ago Rand fishkin did a experiment where he told people to search a particular term on google and click on the first result and then click on back button and after that click on 4th result and this time don’t go back to SERP. You know what happens? the 4th result wen to no. 1 position within a few minutes. It means Google give high priority to the CTR percentages. Therefore should focus on how you can increase you ctr in SERP. You can get more click on SERP by optimizing your title, meta and url. You can use some hacks to increase your Click Through Rate on Google.

1. If you use emotional and powerful words on your title, it will increase CTR by 13%.

2. If you use the exact same query on your article’s URL then it can increase your CTR up to 45%. So you should always use focus keywords in your title and URL. You can use some free plugins like Yoast or Rankmath for basic on-page SEO.

3. You can use questions in your title to increase your CTR in SERP up to 14% and if your title is small like 15-30 words then people will more likely to click on it.

4. You should always create a meta description and their tell people about your content. I see many people don’t create any meta description and then Google chose any few lines of your content as meta. Rank math is great free plugin to these easy tasks.

5. Learn SEO in New Way

People only focus on Google SEO but there are lot more ways to get traffic. You can learn YouTube SEO and then send those people to your website. SEO is nothing but optimizing your content for a particular platform. So you can optimize your content for YouTube, Linked In, and Quora in different ways to get more traffic from these sources. As we all know YouTube, LinkedIn and Quora have millions-billions of users, so why you are not taking advantage of these platforms. Everyone is Focuses on Google therefore it is very hard to rank on Google.

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