Best Offline Games for Androids in 2021

Hey Guys, in this article we have made a list of the best offline android games which you can download and play them offline. You guys have requested many times to write an article about the best android offline games and I also know that many people have limited internet. Therefore I have created this list of the best offline games so that anyone can play games on any device. You need the internet for only once and that is also for just downloading the game.

1. Major Mayhem 2

The first game in this list is Major Mayhem 2. Major Mayhem 2 is a fantastic game and if you love guns, shooting, and action then this game is for you. This game has a total action environment with different locations. Here you have to fight with different villains like chopper and robots. Graphically this game looks kinda bad at the start but it will grew on you overtime. The story of the game is our major is on the vacation with his girlfriend suddenly enemies starts to attack on him and major has no option but to fight with them. It may not be the very original game but you can still squeez some fun out of it.

2. Modern Combat 4

This is a First Person Shooter game by Gameloft and they really did a good job with this 4th game on the modern combat series. It clearly takes inspiration from the infamous Modern Warfare series and delivers a console-like experience on mobile devices. The game has great graphics, gameplay is intense and fun with some visually impressive scenes and cutscenes. It offers 4-5 hours of offline campaign and 12 players online multiplayer mode.

3. Blade Of God

It is an Action RPG game that is heavily inspired by games like Devil May Cry and God Of War So the gameplay is quite similar to them which focuses on mostly hacking and slashing through enemies with some minor RPG elements add to it. The game offers a wide variety of enemies and bosses that comes from Norse mythology. It has a 5 chapters of story campaign that can be completed in under 9-10 hours of gameplay.

4. Imploison: Never Lose Hope

Implosion is a Sci-fi Top-down hack N slash game by Rayark. Its gameplay is similar to Metal Gear Rising like melee combat with a Top-down perspective. The game graphically looks and feels amazing. It has that Sci-fi feel to it with a pretty interesting story and awesome soundtrack to back it up. You can play this game offline and the main campaign can be completed in under 3-4 hours after that another character unlocks whose campaign spans 2-3 hours. If you’re a fan of the hack N slash game definitely check this one out.

5. Limbo

Playdead’s Limbo is a 2D Side-scrolling puzzle adventure game, where you take a control of a little boy who wakes up in this bizarre world where everything looks dark and white which makes this game very atmospherically creepy. There are terrifying creatures, giant spiders and they try to kill you so your goal in this game is to run from left to right avoiding obstacles, running from a giant spider, and solving cleverly crafted puzzles for 5-6 hours of overall gameplay.

6. Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012

This is an Open World Racing game developed by criterion games. It is a reboot of a game with the same name NFS Most Wanted which was released on November 11, 2005, on multiple platforms and got massively popular hence it got a reboot with reimagining of the whole game and graphical upgrade. The Android version of the game is amazing. It has a lot of cars, tons of customization options, and fun racing events. It is graphically beautiful and has a great sense of speed which immerses you into the ongoing racing action.

The point of the game is you are an illegal street racer who races with other illegal racers in the city. While you’re racing or just driving when you cross the speed limit or break the traffic rules, the cops will start to chase you down with their police cars until they bust you or you ran way from them and then they will put a bounty on your head and that’s where the title of the game makes sense. You can play this game offline endlessly.

7. Max Payne

Max Payne is a Third-Person Shooter Action game Developed by Remedy Entertainment and rockstar. Originally released on 23 July 2001 for Microsoft windows later got ported on Android devices on 14 June 2012. You play as Max Payne who is a vigilante that has started the war against crime due to personal reasons. The gameplay is simple but fun player has to kill the enemies and mobs in the shootout and move on to the next stage. You can dodge enemy bullets and shoot them in slow motion. This is the first game in video game history that executed the bullet time perfectly. It is a completely offline game and it takes 8-9 hours to beat this game.

8. GTA: San Andreas

Last but not least GTA: San Andreas. This is an Action-Adventure Open world game created by Rockstar Games. It was originally released for PlayStation 2 back in 0ctober 26, 2004. Then later got released on Xbox and Microsoft Windows on June 6, 2005, And finally made its way to Android devices on December 19, 2013. The game runs smoothly even in lower-end Android devices despite having a 2.6GB of download size.

The gameplay is as fun as ever it has a huge open world for players to interact with. You can drive a wide variety of vehicles, fly helicopters, abusing people, shooting people, getting chased by cops, renting a house, buying a house, eating pizza and gaining fat etc. In other words, the game is very good at reacting to whatever action you take and that is the reason why it got so popular and some folks are still playing this game to this date. If you haven’t played this game before now you can play it on your phone and it is completely offline.

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