5 Trending Sites To Find A Profitable Dropshipping Niche

5 Trending Sites To Find A Profitable Dropshipping Niche

Product research is the foundation of your online store. To choose your dropshipping niche, you need to invest a minimum of time!

The trend sites will allow you to find many ideas of themes and markets to target. They are great resources for learning about innovative products that will delight consumers!

Sure, some of these sites feature innovations that are impossible to sell and market for a dropshipper … But these designs can give you some great product ideas!

To find a profitable niche that is successful, here are 5 trendy sites that you must visit and follow regularly.


The Fancy site is exclusively reserved for shopping. So as much to tell you that it is ideal for researching trendy products in order to create a profitable online business in dropshipping!

While browsing this social network dedicated to shopping, you will find different products and different universes. From fashion, through kitchen and animal accessories, practical gadgets of all kinds, sports products and many more, this site is a real nugget for dropshippers!

The great thing about this site is that the products are really original and often sell very well. They are therefore an excellent potential. What better way to find your perfect product, build a niche site, and be successful in zero-stock e-commerce?

A little tip to make it even easier to find a niche product on this site is to add after the URL: “shop / popular? Sort_by_price = popular”.


Specializing in the field of fashion, Wanelo is a must for finding profitable niches in the clothing theme. The site also offers a home and decoration category.

This site has a real community and highlights many online stores, e-merchants and popular products of the moment.

To find popular e-commerce sites and therefore trendy articles, you can indicate in the URL of the domain name “https://wanelo.co/stores”. For articles related to the home and decoration universe, just go to “https://wanelo.co/stores/home”.

Trend Watching

Trend Watching is an independent platform dedicated to exploring and unearthing interesting product ideas from around the world.

Founded in 2002, the agency currently has more than 3,000 observers located all over the place, including London, Singapore, New York, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo and Lagos.

Trend Watching helps professionals in more than 180 countries better understand today’s consumer to open them to innovative and profitable opportunities.

To do this, Trend Watching collaborates up to date with many major brands and agencies such as Google, Zalando, MTV, Tommy Hilfiger… and many other firms!

Trend Watching allows you to find profitable niche ideas and inspirations for your dropshipping store.

Indeed, by registering on the site, you can receive each morning, in your inbox, innovations inspired by the trends, with the key information provided by the analysts of TrendWatching.

Trend Hunter

Launched in 2005, Trend Hunter is one of the largest and most popular trends publishing site in the world.

Headquartered in Canada and Toronto, the agency is powered by a global network of 200,000 associates and 3 million fans.

As part of its research, Trend Hunter uses big data, human intelligence, and artificial intelligence to determine consumer perspectives and identify in-depth opportunities for the world’s most innovative companies.

Through his research and workshops, Trend Hunter has enabled more than 500 brands, millionaires and CEOs to grow in their market. Coca-Cola, IBM, Victoria’s Secret, Adidas, Microsoft, NASA and Cisco are some of these companies. And even today, Trend Hunter studies more than 350,000 ideas.

On Trend Hunter, you have the ability to view publications and follow consumer trends in many industries.

For this platform, innovation is at the heart of the business.

Many trends in fashion, technology, culture, lifestyle, design, unusual, etc. are published there regularly.

Spring Wise

Spring Wise’s mission is to drive positive change through revolutionary innovation.

With its network of 20,000 observers, the platform is unique in the search for the latest innovations from true innovators around the world, in real time.

Spring Wise’s goal is to keep companies on the lookout for new developments while allowing them to find inspiration as they create their future.

So, on Spring Wise, you can find product ideas presented in a very original way. This site allows you to find great inspirations for your business or to discover and follow trends and stories.

Trending sites are a great way to find great products and start a niche dropshipping business. They allow you to be on the lookout for novelties and specially to create one or more e-commerce sites with popular products to build a profitable business.

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